Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sermons: 2 Timothy

2 Timothy, Chapters 3 to 4 (Download or Stream)
  • Commitment is hard to come by today. The life of the apostle Paul is one defined by commitment and devotion to serving Jesus Christ. As we finish our study of 2 Timothy, we will see Paul urge Timothy to the same commitment and devotion to Christ. Let us be challenged to the same level of devotion.
2 Timothy, Chapters 1 to 2 (Download or Stream)
  • A person’s final words can be important. In 2 Timothy, we see the apostle Paul’s final words of instructions to his young apprentice, Timothy. His words of wisdom for this young pastor have great impact for every believer to this very day.
"Conquering the Foe of Fear" 2 Timothy Chapter 1 (Download or Stream)
  • Does fear keep you from sharing the Gospel with others? Discover keys to help you rise above that fear.