Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sermons: James

James: Chapter 5 (Download or Stream)
  • When you face trials, do you focus inward or do you look upward and outward?

James: Chapter 4 (Download or Stream)
  • Does pride play a bigger role in your life than you think?
James: Chapter 3 (Download or Stream)
  • What do your words reflect about what is in your heart?
James: Chapter 2 (Download or Stream)
  • As believers, is Chjrist making a difference in how we live or are we still living according to the world?
James: Chapter 1, verses 19 through 27 (Download or Stream)
  • Are you feeling proud of your Bible reading habits? Not so fast! As we continue our study through the book of James, we will see that just reading the Bible is not enough.
James: Chapter 1, verses 1 through 18 (Download or Stream)
  • How should we approach trials in life? What is the purpose of facing these trials? How do trials differ from temptations? Find the answers to these questions as we begin our study of the book of James.

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